Tara Medley was born in Toronto, Canada, known for its mosaic of peoples and cultures from all over the world. She demonstrated a passion for art through her drawing skills from the tender age of four and was encouraged to pursue her passion for the visual arts through both her schooling and work experiences.

Tara’s experience working in a ceramics painting studio in Toronto and directing crafts at an all girls camp in northern Ontario led to an admission to the prestigious Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), where she seized the chance to further explore her artistic abilities in many disciplines. She graduated from OCAD University with a Bachelors of Visual Arts in 2005 and a strong desire to instill a love of art in others.

Following her early visual arts and academic successes, she enrolled at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, to continue her journey. Since then, Tara has established herself as a resourceful, seasoned educator and continues to evolve, seeking future artistic opportunities for herself.

Recently expanding her works from watercolour paintings to resin gem and jewelry design, she is exploring the use of various techniques and mediums. Her most recent work incorporates natural elements from her love of flowers, trees and all things outdoors. In its purest form, her art is an expression of the joy she finds in creating unique and vibrant pieces.